Our Vision

To bridge academia and industry by creating resilient mathematical solutions that build communities, spark breakthrough technology, and bring ethical profit to our customers

What We Offer

Seminars and Colloquia

Uncover mathematics that drives your sector, and learn how to use mathematical perspectives to make better decisions. We can also help develop data science teams that will have a strong background in the mathematics that drives machine learning, and AI without the high cost of university training.

Academic Research and Development

Get the most out of your R&D budget with a mathematical perspective. Our resilient, evergreen research provides a multitude of possibilities across verticals. Mathematical solutions with proofs rather than specific test-cases yield cost-savings for future R&D.


Defining a problem well can be one of the biggest challenges for a business or engineering task. Leverage our Archimedean viewpoint as mathematicians so you can find the right solution.

Technical Marketing and Community Building

Our articles, podcasts, and videos in mathematics can help you reach valuable communities. We can provide creative technical content while maintaining full mathematical rigor.

What we can do for


Cultivate great talent in-house with our seminars and colloquia. Bring us in to help define and simplify complex problems. Sponsor research that will have a profitable impact on your business and double as creative, yet rigorous technical marketing


A mathematical perspective to your engineering and data science needs can provide simpler, interpretable, and more applicable solutions that lower R&D and Advanced Development costs.


Develop strong mathematical foundations and gain exposure to mathematics that will empower you and your team to apply new outlooks to your hardest challenges. Unleash the industry-shifting power of the symbiosis between mathematics and engineering.

Evangelists, Advocates, and Marketers

Harness the power of creative visualizations, elevate your technical media, and see what sponsored research and mathematics can do to make your brand shine.