Well-defined problems save money

The hardest thing to do is to define a problem well. Ambiguous problem statements can lead to ineffective solutions with costly fixes, along with weeks or even months of wasted time.

Mathematics requires strict attention to rigor and maintaining the property of well-definedness. We have extensive experience reducing a problem to its simplest form and removing any ambiguity from a problem before attempting to solve it.

Applying our perspective isn't just for research or abstract problems; it's a new way of looking at the world and your business.

Homegrown or Adapted?

Mathematics is everywhere. We can help you decide if your problem has already been solved in another form in another industry, and then help you adapt that solution to your own challenge.

Deciding to create your own solution from scratch can be expensive but rewarding. Let us help you decide if that's what you need.

Whether you need a homegrown solution or to leverage mathematics from another application, we can help you implement.

Elegant. Applied. Interpretable.

Interpretability and applicability of solutions, especially in data science and machine learning, will become the primary concern in the coming years.

We have worked as data scientists, but are mathematicians foremost. We only implement solutions that have easily understood meaning, and are fully traceable.

Realize the full power of your data by building models, analytics, and visualizations that allow you to unambiguously comprehend what's in front of you. Enlist mathematicians to develop data-independent, robust solutions that won't break when your dataset changes.