One Publication. Countless Possibilities.

1 grant.
1 year.
2-4 patents.

- Patent portfolios increase company valuation
- >100% ROI on mathematics research
- You own the patents

Reach far into the future. Don't break your budget.

Widely Applicable

Mathematics has fueled multiple industries. Our research can have a profound and lasting impact across verticals.


Mathematical solutions stand the test of time. They aren't beholden to trends or fads, and they stay relevant, even if the best way to apply them changes.

No overhead

Your research funding goes directly to research, and nothing else. This means cost-savings, and more results for your money.

Proven Full Spectrum Experience.

- academic and private sector
- theory development to product deployment
- broad experience in several industries
-superior creativity

2 patents issued
4 patents pending

US 10,191,668

US 9,612,896

Research Directions

We're only limited by imagination.

Reliability Theory

Discrete Mathematics


Network Engineering