About Us

What we are

a private research firm and expertly curated technical library
(Think of us as a private math department.)

What we're about

closing the gap between academia and the private sector

What we do

help businesses leverage mathematics to increase profit, valuation, patent portfolios, and innovative product development

Why we're here

to kindle the spark of mathematics research into a bonfire of innovation

Who we are

Mathematicians with a broad spectrum of research results, private sector experience, an insatiable curiosity, and superior creativity.
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Where we've been

Dell EMC
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Marquette University
University of Texas at Arlington
University of Maryland
Georgia Institute of Technology

What we've done

6 patent applications (2 issued so far)
8 academic publications
8 distinct academic courses taught
5 professional lectures
11 industry/academic conference talks
several industrial products developed

What we offer


We’re located in Milwaukee, WI. 

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