The Math Citadel is an independent mathematics research firm that is rekindling the relationship between the academy and business. We conduct groundbreaking research in all areas of mathematics, but particularly in probability theory, statistics, and reliability theory. All of our academic papers are published here, and selected papers are accompanied by a video overview. We also publish articles independently and through partnerships that highlight mathematics in industry.  

Original research

We publish original research in all areas of mathematics and computer science in the Research Section. Selected research papers are accompanied by a video overview.  Supplementary material, paper reviews, discussions, and applications of original research can be found in the Articles section. 

Each original article is accompanied by a downloadable pdf for offline reading. The research posts will omit most proofs, but full details are found in the article pdf.


We review industry and academic papers as well as make connections between mathematics used in one vertical and possible applications to other verticals. 

Partnerships and Sponsoring

We are an independent research firm. If you are interested in sponsoring an article or the research in general, we offer sponsorship options. For those interested in sponsoring specific directions of research, we offer research partnerships in 6-12 month subscriptions. Research partners are given frequent dialogue on progress and direction, and retain full patent and application rights to any research results. We will also aid in the implementation of new products born of research from our firm. Visit the contact page or our partners page for more details on becoming a sponsor or a research partner. 

Art Gallery

Visit the Grove to see the galleries of our resident photographer and artist, Jason Hathcock.


We are an open platform for research. Visit the contact page if you are interested in submitting an article.