The Math Citadel

Book Review: Applied Linear Statistical Models, 5th ed.

Author: M. Kutner, C. Nahtsheim, J. Neter, and W. Li

Reviewed by: R. Traylor


  • 0-07-112221-4

  • Classification: Statistics and Data Science

  • Hathlor code: M-STS.00110100

  • Prerequisites

  • solid grasp of and comfort with conventional algebra, some basic statistical concepts, calculus is a plus but not necessary

  • Ranking

    All ranking is done on a scale of 1-5, with 5 as the best.
    Attribute Rank
    Difficulty 2
    Proof Quality NA
    Readability 5
    Self-Study 4
    Good for Teaching? 5
    Quality of Exercises 5

    Topics Covered