The Math Citadel

Who Are We?

The Math Citadel is a group of independent mathematicians that broke free of the stifling constraints of the bureaucratic prison that is academia, and are interested in helping you do the same. We conduct groundbreaking research in all areas of mathematics, but particularly in probability theory, statistics, and reliability theory. All of our academic papers are published here. We also publish articles independently and through partnerships that highlight mathematics in industry.

Original Research

We publish original research in all areas of mathematics and computer science in the Research Section.


We review industry literature, write expository articles in pure and applied mathematics, and put technical reports in the Articles Section

Consulting, Retainers, and Research Partnerships

We are an independent research firm, with every word chosen carefully. We are truly independent; we have no obligations to any university's faculty meetings, political agendas, or managerial nonsense. We're a research firm in the vintage sense, restoring true industrial mathematics. Our members are here for people who want to get things done and who aren't afraid to make their own decisions. If you are interested in sponsoring an article, looking for a technical consultant for a specific project, wanting to have us "on call", or have a desire to fund truly independent mathematics, visit our consulting page. Among the smaller services offered there, we also offer research partnerships in 6-12 month increments. Research partners are given frequent dialogue on progress and direction, and retain full patent and application rights to any research results. We will also aid in the implementation of new products born of research from our firm as a separate consulting project. Have questions? Contact us here.