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Book Reviews

Our book reviews are organized by category. Click to explore texts we've reviewed. We always complete a text prior to reviewing and list topics covered.


Applied and Engineering Mathematics

Includes texts that are focused on applied mathematics such as control theory, dynamical systems, queueing theory, reliability theory, signal processing, and finite element methods.


Texts that discuss the foundations of most mathematics: calculus, logic, set theory, and trigonometry

Recreational Mathematics

Books with puzzles, problems, and general curiosities


Modern/abstract algebra, category theory, linear algebra, and matrix theory


One of the broadest topics in mathematics with many flavors: algebraic, differential, Euclidean, non-Euclidean...

Rudimentary Mathematics

Includes mathematics at the primary and secondary levels such as arithmetic and basic algebra


Texts in calculus of variations, complex analysis, functional analysis, numerical analysis, real analysis, and general mathematical analysis

Number Theory

Texts full of the study of numbers, both basic and quite advanced

Statistics and Data Science

Works practical and theoretical in computational statistics, design of experiments, linear models, nonparametric statistics, Bayesian statistics, theoretical statistics, inference, and time series analysis

Differential and Integral Equations

Theoretical and applied differential equations, partial differential equations, and integral equations


Separated from statistics, this includes the study of probability from algebraic, analytic, and geometric perspectives, as well as stochastic analysis and stochastic processes.


A branch of mathematics so fundamental it needs its own category.

Discrete Mathematics

Includes Boolean mathematics, combinatorics, cryptography, and graph theory


Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Covers many aspects of mechanical and aerospace engineering, including FEM, structural analysis, flight dynamics, etc.

Civil Engineering

traffic engineering, roads, bridges and environmental engineering

Materials Engineering

Books discussing materials and their properties, and their uses

Acoustics and Radio Engineering

the engineering side of signal processing, radio hardware, and the study of sound

Electrical Engineering

Circuits, power generation, control, motors, electrical hardware

Network and Industrial Engineering

Inventory management, computer networks, supply chain management, optimization

Chemical Engineering

Fluid dynamics, water treatment, and other chemical engineering topics

Operations Research

Optimization of manufacturing and business operations

Systems Engineering